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Checking In

Hi Guys,

Yours truly has been reclusive.

Been working on some exciting projects and having barrels of fun being alone with my work, letting it evolve at its own pace, unselfconsciously meeting its destiny.

I've never understood artists who are so quick to show everything they do right after they've done it.

I guess the commercial world forces people into displaying their work before they should.

I'm resolved never to do that, if I can help it.

Have to confess that I'm not altogether thrilled with putting paintings and drawings online. Feels impersonal to me. I would much prefer to see your faces, and have you see mine, and see my work in person. Well, at least see my work in person.

Alas, I know that's not always practical. You're saying to yourselves "Joan, so how are we going to see your work if we don't live in the New York area?"

Yup, it's a conundrum. How do you all feel about viewing art online? I'd be interested to know.

Drop me a line at

Promise, I'm giving it some real thought. Meanwhile, hope you are all well and looking forward to spring, as am I.

God bless.


PS: If you'd like to reach me, copy and paste in your regular email account.  For some reason, sending email from this site has been temperamental. Thanks guys.

December 10, 2011

My Christmas Message for Everyone...

It's a merry time of year, and I hope you are all taking time to enjoy the gifts of the season.

It's time to put aside all petty grievances. Good will toward men and women! Put aside the responsibility of meeting deadlines too. Everything can wait till after Christmas. Decorate the house, bake cookies, plan parties, shop, and spend time with the people you love. There is nothing more important than that. Everybody is welcomed for Christmas, even Aunt Tilly who annoys you to distraction the other 364 days of the year. On this day, she is perfect.

Since the new year is around the corner, this is also a time to reflect. 2011 has been challenging for many of us worldwide. Just remember, there are blessings in challenging circumstances. You just have to look for them. I promise, they are there. Sometimes we need difficulties to knock us out of complacency. Great ideas are born out of times like this. Inventions are born during these times.

Yes, necessity is the mother of invention.

Make the holidays a time to appreciate all of your abundant, friends, health, and more.

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, a happy Kwanzaa, and a creative and prosperous New Year!

Peace and Joy! Joan

July 26, 2011
Back again for a visit...pour the coffee!

Hi Guys, (Or if you prefer wine, that's okay.)

How've you been?

Confess, I'm terrible about keeping up this post. I write so much online, that my own little news spot, my cozy cubby hole for communication with you often gets neglected. Between drawing and painting and special commissions and Internet Marketing, and writing, I've been pretty sequestered.

Despite the challenging economy, I'm feeling very optimistic and excited about the future. Amazingly, I've never felt so inspired. You should be feeling that way too. Like many of you, my life has been turned completely around by this disruptive time. Due to changes in the marketplace, yours truly has of both desire and necessity, re-focused.

Industry in the USA has been outsourced. Industry in the western world has been outsourced. Hah! Not to worry though. Remember, good comes out of everything if you approach it creatively. Art and science are going to break wide open. Just watch. A re-birth? Yup...You bettcha!

For me, change has been a blessing in a very big way. Why? Because change has launched me in a new direction where I absolutely belong. What the heck, I'm a painter. I'm also a creature of habit and can get trapped so easily. When you have been a particular kind of professional for many many years, you reach a point when you need to explore other parts of yourself. That's what being alive is all about. It's boring to do the same thing forever. What I love about the fine arts is that one has complete freedom. I can make a beautiful drawing of a shell, and not have to put it into repeat. And I don't have to worry about how it will reproduce. That may seem like small potatoes to you, but trust me, it isn't. Those of you who are designers and illustrators will understand exactly what I am saying. That being said, I truly enjoy the applied arts and have not abandoned them completely.

Many of you have asked me why I don't put more art into this website. There are many reasons, not least of which is the drudgery of photographing the paintings and actually getting them online. Bigger truth though, I have preferred to hide out, though people are always welcomed to call, even visit my studio. Not sure I want to put paintings online. I'm toying with the thought. If I do, going forward, it'll be original works, not prints.

The summer has been extraordinarily hot where I live. Some adventurous lady in New Jersey actually baked cookies in her car and shared them with the neighbors. Now that's hot.

Are you planning a holiday? I will be taking off for a few days in August to enjoy the water and some good food. Also get rest and recreation. Boy, am I looking forward to it.

I wish all of you a glorious summer. Stay well. Stay happy.

Much love, Joan

September 10, 2010
Hi Guys, It's been a while since we've chatted...

Trust all is well with all of you.

Summer is almost over and I confess that I really like cooler weather better. I feel a surge of energy in the spring and fall of the year, every year for as long as I can remember. Got to have something to do with the temperature.

Karen and I spent some free time in northern New England this summer: Massachusetts and Maine. Happily, we were fortunate to see some inspiring art in the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, even though a whole wing was down due to renovation. It must be the New Englander in me. I feel such a strong attraction to Maine and the rocky cliffs. Would love to live there part of the year and paint just seascapes. JUST THE SEA!!! Nothing but nature. I could so easily become a hermit, living on a rocky cliff. I understand Winslow Homer and Thoreau soooo well.

I have been purposely very private with my work. It's necessary when you are exploring and inventing. However, the Internet marketing ventures (Shopsicle, etc.) have of necessity, pulled me out of that solitary existence in order to write and see to business. It's not easy wearing two hats, but I'm sure that many of you reading this also wear two hats. In the bigger sense, I think it makes you juicier as a person and as an artist. I am looking forward to being able to offer you a group of original pieces and studies in gouache and oil. Not sure how I'm going to present them yet, online or maybe not online.

Many of the Giclees have landed in the hands of some large corporations and Hollywood folks. It's really been fun.

I'm in my sweet spot elbow deep in paint. Quelle surprise! Haha!

Drop me a line, if you feel like it. I love making new friends. I'm an introverted extrovert, or the other way around. Not quite sure which.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and the remaining weeks of summer.

Love and Cheers, Joan

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