SALOOMEY EDITIONS presents a selection of limited edition giclee prints which are numbered, dated and signed by the artists.





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SALOOMEY presents a selection of their favorite work (paintings and drawi ngs), in limited editions of digital (Giclee) prints which are numbered, dated, and signed by the artist.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality reproduction possible.

We are respectful of the investment value inherent in collecting limited edition art prints, and have taken particular care to research the market to find the most experienced and skillful printers of fine art to print our editions. We use the highest quality archival materials in order to assure the longevity and beauty of our art, and your investment.

Each one of our prints is created individually. We are personally involved throughout every phase of the printing process. Each final edition is carefully inspected by us for quality and color consistency before we sign and number the final print and before it is sent to the customer. Each print is embossed with the artistís seal, and is shipped to you with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.

We are committed to taking excellent care of our customers by providing top value at affordable prices.

Note: When viewing the art, it is important to be sure that the monitor settings of your computer are giving you the most saturated color experience. We are aware of the limitations of viewing art over the net and want you to have the full impact of the artist's vibrant color. For this reason, we have printed brochures of the rug series. Please contact us regarding the brochures and how you may obtain one.

Our mission: to explore the unabashed joy of painting, and to share it with you.

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